Porchlight Storytelling Series

A very special edition of the Bay Area’s longest-running storytelling series, now in its 13th year! An evening of unforgettable stories by a stellar cast of feisty San Franciscans who are STILL HERE. So you know: This show is not meant to be a bummer, but rather a rollicking night featuring people who love this city and would prefer to stay here and keep on loving it. Stories from: Tim Redmond, Cammy Blackstone, Rio and Rene Yañez, Marilynn Fowler, Shannon Matesky and Ed Wolf. Also featuring songs by: Stephen Smith and Tom Heyman.


Hosted by native San Franciscans Arline Klatte and Marc Capelle, along with Beth Lisick (born in San "The Hose" Jose, y'all!) on April 20, 2015 at San Francisco's Verdi Club. 
Recorded by Paula Junn. Mixed by Patty Fung.

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