Porchlight Storytelling Series

Kitchen Confidential, Porchlight's most anticipated show of the year. Get all the dirt from the top food people in this unapologetically food-obsessed town, as stories from the kitchen, the front of the house, and the food truck are told onstage.

Stories from: Chef and TV Personality Joey Altman, James Beard Award Winner and Slanted Door's Charles Phan, Author and St. Vincent Owner David Lynch, Restaurant Family Scion and ll Fornaio Co-Owner Mike Mindel, Writer and Culinary Tour Guide Nina Tamburello, and Former Private Chef Zahra Noorbakhsh.

Hosted by Arline Klatte and Delfina's Craig Stoll on May 19, 2014 at San Francisco's Verdi Club.
Recorded by Paula Junn. Mixed by Patty Fung.

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